Software and hardware compatibility

The Strivr SDK works with Pico Neo 3, Meta Quest 2, and HTC XR Elite headsets and supports Unity 2020.3 - 2022.3. Check headset manufacturer guidelines for the versions of Unity that their SDKs support.

Android is the only supported platform. The minimum supported Android version is Android 4.1, "Jelly Bean", API level 16.

Depending on the headset you’re building your project for, you may need to install additional Unity plugins.

Building for…​ Install plugin Install from

Meta Quest 2

Oculus XR Plugin 1.10.0[1]

Install from Unity Registry

Pico Neo 3

Pico SDK 2.1.2

Contact Strivr

HTC XR Elite

Vive Open XR Plugin - Android 1.0.5[1]


Open XR Plugin 1.3.1[1]

Install from Unity Registry

If you are building for Pico Neo 3 headsets, you must use Pico SDK version 2.1.2. Contact Strivr for this SDK version.

1. Not required, but may improve results