Setting up the Pause feature

  1. From Packages\Strivr SDK\Runtime\, add the StrivrSDKPauseManager prefab to your scene.

  2. Click the nested StrivrSDKPauseInteraction prefab.

    1. There are two fields that need game object references: Left Hand Controller Manager and Right Hand Controller Manager.

    2. If you’re using the StrivrSDKXROriginManager rig, then drag the nested LeftHand (Teleport Locomotion) game object into the Left Hand Controller Manager field. Do the same for the right hand controller.

    3. If you are using another rig, drag the left and right hand controller game objects that have one or more components that inherit from XRBaseControllerInteractor.

  3. Under Assets/XRI/Settings/Resources, add an interaction layer for when the scene is paused. It can be named anything. Here it’s named Pause.

    interaction layer settings
  4. Now set that as the Interaction Layer Mask in the StrivrSDKPauseInteraction’s PauseInteractionBehaviour script component.

pause interaction behavior