Getting Started

Accessing the Strivr Portal

The first time you access the Strivr Portal, Strivr needs to set up single sign-on for you.

  1. Contact Strivr with a list of users that require access at your company. Strivr will configure single sign-on for you and your team.

  2. In your Chrome browser, go to the Strivr Portal at

  3. Click Log in with Google. This will notify the Strivr team that you are requesting access. We’ll contact you with single sign-on credentials for you and your coworkers. Make sure to verify your identity in the email you receive from Auth0.

After your access is set up, you can sign into the Strivr Portal with these credentials.

Downloading the Strivr SDK Unity Package

  1. Log into the Strivr Portal.

  2. In the top menu, click Developer to open the Developer Dashboard.

    portal menu dev annotation
  3. In the Developer Dashboard, click Download SDK.

    portal download sdk
  4. Save the com.strivr.strivrsdk folder to a local drive.

If you don’t see the Download SDK button, contact Strivr and we will send you the SDK Unity package.

Creating a project in the Strivr Portal

Before you start, you need to create a project to which you will link your Unity project.

  1. On the Developer Dashboard, click Create new project.

    developer create new project
  2. Name your Project and click Create Project.

    developer new project name
  3. Click Back: Developer Dashboard.

    developer project back
  4. Your new project should appear in the list.

    developer new project in list