Importing the Strivr SDK Unity package

You only need to set up your project in Unity once for each project. Project settings will be retained even when Unity is closed.

In Unity, import the Strivr SDK Unity Package into your project via UPM (Unity Package Manager).

Strivr SDK supports Unity versions from 2019.1.7f to 2022.2 and newer. Android is the only supported platform. The minimum supported Android version is Android 4.1, "Jelly Bean", API level 16.
  1. In Unity, go to Window → Package Manager

    package manager
  2. In the window that pops up, click the plus (+) icon in the status bar.

  3. Click Add package from disk…​ to bring up a file browser

    add package
  4. Navigate to the root of the com.strivr.strivrsdk folder that you downloaded.

  5. Open the package.json file in the root folder.

    package file